Content FAQs

How often is the database updated?

Unlike some other sites, we don’t claim to provide new data every day. We do, however, update this database when changes to products or suppliers are recorded.

I’ve got a product that isn’t mentioned anywhere. Is it OK to use it?

Probably not. Products are included only if they have extant approval. However you may have a product which is approved for a use not covered here (e.g. amateur use). If in doubt, check with your supplier or the manufacturer or the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

The fact sheet for my product shows its approval has expired. It’s in perfectly good condition. Can I still use it?

No. The approval expiry date shown is the last date on which it is legal to store or use the product.

Can I get these products to use in my garden?

The products listed are registered for professional use in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity. Products registered for home garden use are not included, but guidance on garden pest control in fruit and vegetables is available in Garden Detective, a CD-ROM management guide published by BCPC.

The crop I want to spray is not mentioned in the fact sheet of the product I want to use, but my advisor says it’s OK.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information given is fully up to date, but changes to approvals can occur at any time. Details of any such changes, including new Specific Off-Label Approvals (SOLAs), are added as soon as possible. If in doubt, always check with your professional qualified advisor or the manufacturer/supplier.

I’ve been told about a product that’s available abroad. Why isn’t it listed here?

Only products that are approved for use in the UK are included.

Why don’t you give details of tank mixes?

With a few exceptions, the law allows any crop protection chemicals to be mixed, provided all the conditions of approval for all components of the mixture are complied with. Manufacturers publish comprehensive details of those mixtures of their products they will underwrite, often with restrictive conditions attached to them. This information is company-specific and outside the scope of this online product.

Why don’t you give full details of all products?

Our aim is to give full details only of products that are currently available for purchase, as notified to us by the suppliers or manufacturers. Products not so notified are listed in their suppliers’ fact sheets as ‘also registered’, but they may not be available and may never have been marketed.

Are all products included?

All pesticides and plant protection products officially approved by the Pesticides Safety Directorate for professional use in agriculture, forestry and horticulture (including amenity use) are included. Full details are given for those notified as available for purchase, while outline details only are provided for the remainder. In addition products approved by the Health & Safety Executive are included if they have agricultural uses. In some cases there may be a short delay between approval of a new product and its inclusion here.

Website FAQs

The website seems to be missing some elements, some of the pages look strange.

This website is optimised for Google Chrome. If you are using another browser and you think elements may be missing from the site, please contact us to inform us of the issue and the browser you’re using and our developers will look to fix the issue. Alternatively, Google Chrome is free to download and use. Just search online for ‘Google Chrome’.

How can I save my search results?

As the database is regularly updated, it would not be helpful to save your search results – they may change. You can capture the results by saving the web page as html, or to save in a convenient, compact form (using Internet Explorer), select File, Save As, Web Archive, single file (*.mht). Alternatively, highlight the text required and cut-and-paste into a program such as Word.

Can I print my search results?

You can print directly from the product details page by clicking the Export icon that appears in the top right of the Product Details page. Then choose ‘Print’ and follow the steps in your browser’s print dialog window.

Can I export a PDF of my search results?

To export a PDF of a Product Details page, click the Export icon that appears in the top right of the Product Details page. Then choose ‘Export as PDF’. This will open your browser’s print dialog window. From here, choose ‘Save as PDF’ from the ‘Destination’ drop down menu (applies to Google Chrome).

I see the same results each time I do a search

Your system may be caching the results page. Select the refresh button in your browser or press ‘Ctrl F5’ to refresh the page.